Monday, March 7, 2011

Teen Tech Week: Locking Down Your Facebook Profile

Facebook seems to be here to stay. 73% of teens say that they are using a social networking site and that number is only going up and up each year.*

And most teens think they know how to keep colleges, high school teachers, their future employers and mom out of their profiles... but do you really?

Facebook is constantly changing and updating their profile settings and unless you make an effort to keep on top of the changes your information might be hanging out in the breeze.

Want to double check that your stuff is safe and secure? Try this site: Type in your name and see what comes up- this is what information is open to ANYONE who puts your name Facebook's search box.

Confused how your info got there? Check your privacy settings. We've made a tutorial to show you how:

Tutorial #1, setting your personal profile settings:

Tutorial # 2: Keeping your information safe from companies. This video shows you how to make sure your data is safe on your profile as well as on your friends' profiles.

Having a Facebook account is an amazingly powerful way to connect with the people in your life... but as the comics have always warned us: with great power comes great responsibility. You are the only person who can keep your account clean and private (and also the only person who can prevent forest fires, but that's another story)!

*from The Pew Internet and American Life Project

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