Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teen Tech Week is Almost Here!

It's that time of the year again: Teen Tech Week!
This is a celebration of teens and their amazing and innovative uses of technology. In honor of this week, we have lots of activities throughout the library system for you that involve getting in touch with electronics of all kinds.

Central Library:
Monday, March 7 3:30-4:30: Teen Gaming at the Library. Swing by the library and try to beat your friends and our librarians at games like "Wii Sports Resort" and "Super Smash Brothers."

Shirlington Library:
Tuesday, March 8 4:00-6:00
We have old school and new school in one place. Play the Wii and also challenge your friends to board games!

Columbia Pike:
Checkmate! Try to Beat the Computer!
Chess, Checkers and Chat Wed Mar 9 @ 3p-5p
Practice with other teens on a non-virtual board and then try your hand beating the computer!

Also keep your eye on the blog because next week is dedicated to all things tech.

Wii image from here.

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