Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Choosing to Participate!

YS Librarian Lisa stops by to tell us about a display at Central Library:

How do you choose to participate?

If you've been in the Young Adult room at Central Library recently, we hope you noticed the unusual set of posters hanging around the room. They were given to us by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibit Service and offer a glimpse into the exhibit "Choosing to Participate" which is at the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. through June 17. The creators of the exhibit hope it will be a "catalyst for conversation about the importance of participation in our community, nation, and world.

Think about it, how engaged are you? How do you choose to participate

Would you have been one of the teens Marching for Freedom if you lived in the 1960s?

Do you take a stand when you see bullying?

Would you have been a student on strike against injustice?

Learn about the many young people who made a difference in U.S. history -
* Are you making a difference?
* How are you healing our world?


Check out the books on display, and let us know how you're choosing to participate.

Contest alert: we're keeping the contest ball rolling. Comment on this entry and tell us what you're doing to engage with your community and every entry (received by March 9) will win a free book from our cart at Central. 


Brian said...

To engage in my community, I am a Youth Team Volunteer with the Arlington Red Cross Youth Team. We promote health and safety by participating in activities like park clean ups, helping senior citizens, and volunteering with the AFAC organization. We are also hold blood drives hosted by the Youth Team (our latest one is upcoming on Saturday March 19).

nico said...

That's fantastic Brian. Come on in to the Youth Services desk at Central and let them know you've won a book in our blog-give-away. It's great to hear how you're participating!

snowbunny_325 said...

To help my community, I'm member of Girl scout and in that group we help out people in need, teach kids about safety, and also help out the environment too. Right now we are starting a project to use local food that we are going to grow and make a meal for the homeless and the needy people.