Thursday, February 3, 2011

Take Me to Your Author

One of the coolest things about this age of internet is that you can read a book, love it, and turn around and email the author to tell them of your book love. Some authors really go out of their way to connect with fans. With blogs, twitter, nings and more, here are some authors who you can really get the behind-the-page story from:

Sarah Dessen: Sarah Dessen is a loyal blogger, giving her readers sneak peeks at her home life as well as early looks at her new books. Not only that, but you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook too.

Meg Cabot: It is my secret shame that I still haven't read a Meg Cabot book, but I swear I am going to PRONTO. She has a fantastic blog, twitter and she also runs a writers group and a fiction readers group!

Rick Yancey : The monstrumologist author himself has an excellent website. Not only that, but you can get to know him a little better through his twitter and facebook pages... if you want to glimpse into that sort of mind, that is.

Libba Bray: Oh Libba, how you are the queen of awesome. She's got a majorly cool website, full of inside joke links, and then there's her blog (the current post is called, "Where's my Dream Burrito". Then there's her twitter. And if all of this isn't enough, there's also her YA supergroup rockband, Tiger Beat.
Darren Shan: If you like his Cirque Du Freak series, you'll be happy to know that he has lots of good stuff online. He's got the website, the blog and twitter- but he also has cool extras like a gallery of fan art, that are worth taking a look through.

So, tell us, do you follow authors online? Who are your favorites?

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