Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sad News

We received sad news this morning that YA author L.K. Madigan passed away last night.  She had shared news of her battle with cancer on her blog .

At the library we are all sending lots of love to her family and friends. As readers, our community will greatly miss the opportunity to read all the stories she still had to tell. (If you haven't yet read, Flash Burnout or The Mermaid's Mirror, you are in for a treat). But we have also lost a person whose kindness has reached people all over the place.

I never met Ms. Madigan in person, but I was lucky enough to get to correspond with her a little through email. She had seen our book trailer for Flash Burnout and let us know she liked it. This was pretty incredible in the first place because we loved her book (and especially Blake)  so much. I'm still a pretty new librarian, so the idea of authors reaching out like that basically blew my mind.  From there, she let us interview her for the blog-- where she was so funny and humble (the perfect interviewee, she even sent us the answers the next day!). She also left this blog  the occasional comment, which made this librarian feel pretty special to even be on her radar at all. All of this was so beyond anything she had to do... but it sounds like that was just like her.

Ms. Madigan was certainly loved in the YA Lit world. You can see more tributes here and here and here and here. Plus, here is a way to directly help out her family.

Thank you Ms. Madigan for your words and your heart.

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