Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"The Mermaid's Mirror" - Send Some Love to it's Author, L.K. Madigan

This is a post in two parts -
Part One: New Book!

The Mermaid's Mirror
by L.K. Madigan

For sixteen years Lena has grown up with the sea in her backyard. Her friends all spend their time on long boards and in wet suits. But not Lena. Her dad doesn't allow her to surf because he was in a boarding accident when he was young. Instead, Lena takes long walks along the beach, waving to the sea otters and taking in the beauty of the Northwest coastline.

Until one day she looks at the waves and the face looking back at her isn't that of a sea otter, but a woman. It doesn't make any sense, but Lena can't shake the feeling that she wasn't seeing things. She's compelled to find out more, even if it means breaking every rule her parents have set for her.

If you like your fantasy combined with a very realistic setting, this is the book for you. What Lena discovers in the ocean will change her life and her family forever.

Part Two: News on a Favorite Author

One of the best things about getting to write for this blog has been the chance to bring you guys interviews with YA authors. One of our very first interviews was with L.K. Madigan.

Not only did she write The Mermaid's Mirror, but she is also the awesome author of Flash Burnout - two books that feature characters who stick with you and dialogue that always rings true. Not only that, but she's totally funny and nice and when we sent her interview questions she responded LATER THAT DAY (which basically knocked our socks off).

So, this week news has gotten out that Ms. Madigan is battling a pretty serious illness. It would be amazing if you take a minute out of your day to wish her well by leaving a comment on her blog. She took time out of hers to give us a glimpse into life as a writer and it would mean a lot to her (and us!) if you did the same :)

If you still haven't read either of these titles, you have the chance to win a copy of one of her books! There are lots of great YA blogs out there and they want to help spread some L.K. love! Take a look at Greenbean TeenQueen, Stacked, Fat Girl Reading, Galleysmith, and YA Librarian Tales for giveaways and reviews. Also The Debs (authors who also debuted in 2009) are giving away an amazing 40 sets of Flash Burnout and The Mermaid's Mirror!

We're sending lots of get well vibes her way!

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Michelle said...

Such a fantastic giveaway and wonderful way to offer support!