Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Australians, Beatles, Crazy Twin Sisters? Beatle Meets Destiny by Gabrielle Williams

Today's post is brought to you by the letter K, for Kady.  Enjoy her awesome Australian analysis:

I'm going to start reading more books by Australian authors.  Cath Crowley's "A Little Wanting Song" was one of my top 5 books of last year and anyone who knows me, knows that I can't shut up about Marcus Zusak's "I Am the Messenger" and "The Book Thief."  But the book that's making me actually think about this and commit to my new plan is "Beatle Meets Destiny" by Gabrielle Williams.

Beatle is an 18 year old guy actually named John Lennon.  He's dealing with the normal high school stuff like trying to graduate and get into film school.  He has a crazy twin sister (she was born in a different year though, and has a different astrological sign) and an star-chart obsessed mother.  As a consequence, he has a lot of weird superstitions.  He's also recovering from a freak stroke that happened over a year ago and is trying to live as normal a life as possible while still following all of his doctor's orders.

Destiny is Destiny McCartney, she has 8 brothers and sisters all named after different virtues (Frank, Hope, Ernest etc...) and although she writes a weekly astrology column, she doesn't believe in any of it or in superstitions.  Destiny is trying to finish a huge art project, avoid getting into too much trouble with her two best friends and to top it off, they seem to have attracted the attention of a stalker.

Beatle and Destiny meet-cute one night while waiting for the train and immediately fall for each other.  But the road to love is never easy, and theirs is particularly complicated by the fact that Beatle already has a girlfriend--his twin sister's best friend-- who he doesn't feel comfortable dumping since she stuck with him through his stroke and the worst of the rehab.  And he isn't inclined to tell Destiny about her either.

The book is told in alternating viewpoints between Beatle and Destiny, and while I enjoyed spending time with Beatle and his crazy family, Destiny is clearly the star of the show.  She's a blend of smart, funny, talented, analytical and just a little bit naive that makes her really relateable.  The setting, in Melbourne, Australia, is the other big draw of this book.  The author obviously loves this city and knows it well as her characters meet in actual bars and street trolleys and explore the city together.  

Check out a book trailer below and then check out a copy of "Beatle Meets Destiny" by Gabrielle Williams.

Thanks Kady! Our blog is a brighter place when you stop by!

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Abbie G said...

Hi Kady,

You're a girl after my own heart - The Book Thief is one of my favourite books ever. I'm still blown away by how brilliantly original it is. I'm actually speaking at an event in Queensland with Marcus Zusak in March this year, and I'm beyond excited. So it's an even bigger thrill to have Marcus's book and my book mentioned in the same paragraph. High praise indeed! Glad to hear you liked Beatle Meets Destiny, and I loved your review, so ... thanks.

By the way, how's the weather over your side of the world? It's boiling over here at the moment!


nico said...

Wow! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! We love "Beatle meets Destiny" (and Marcus Zusak too).

Weather wise we're crawling through weeks of slushy freezing rain-- think of us while you enjoy the sun!

Thanks again for commenting!