Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top 10 in 2010: Maria's Authoritative Choices

When it comes to books, Librarian Maria knows what's up. She's been on the Newbery and the (very first) Printz committee to name just a few--- so I'm always excited to see what she picks for her favorites!

 Here are my favorites:
1. NUMBERS by Rachel Ward
 Fifteen-year old Jem sees a number when she looks into people's eyes. That is the day that person will die.  How does she handle this gift or curse?  A gripping story all the way until the very last sentence.

2. TRASH     BY Andy Mulligan
    Raphael, who lives sorting trash, finds a bag with mysterious contents.  When the police comes to his place looking for the bag he and his buddies must resolve the mystery and hopefully survive.  A page turner to be enjoyed by good readers and reluctant readers as well.

3. BRUISER by Neal Shusterman
After Brewster, known as Bruiser, forges a relationship with Bronte his first girlfiend, his secret is revealed:  he can take the pain and suffering of the ones he loves.  How long can Bruiser afford to keep doing this?  A gripping story that can be read on multiple levels.

4. OSTRICH BOYS by Keith Gray
    Three English teenagers steal the ashes of their best friend Ross to take to Scotland, where Ross always wanted to go. During their journey the three friends encounter many difficulties and secrets are reveled.

5. SPLIT by Swati Avasthi
    Jace's brother Christian has already escaped the brutal abuse their father inflicts on the whole family.  Now it's Jace's turn.  Can he dare leave his mother at his father's mercy?  And where will he go? 

    Two teenagers, Pancho Sanchez and D. Q. set out on a quixotic quest to find the killer of Pancho's sister and in the process find the meaning of life.  A tender and funny story.

7. THE RING OF SOLOMON by Jonathan Stroud
    Batrimaeus is back!  Jonathan Stround return with another story of the sarcastic djinni. After being kicked off the construction of Solomon's temple and assigned the task of hunting for criminals in the desert where he meets Asmira, a captain of the Queen of Sheba's guard with an offer.  Can Bartimaeus refuse her?

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