Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 10 in 2010: Guest Blogger/Librarian Intern Kady Gives us Her Best!

We are so lucky to have librarian Intern/ Frequent Guest Blogger Kady, not only is she wonderful but she has impeccable taste. Enjoy her selections!

1) The Things a Brother Knows- Dana Reinhardt
By far my favorite book of the year.  Told by the younger brother of a solider as he watches the toll the current Iraq war takes on his brother and family, it's an incredibly personal story that still invites the reader in to become a part of the story.

2) A.D. After the Deluge- Josh Neufield
Okay, so technically this book came out in 2009 (but the paperback edition has its own 2010 copyright) and it's not exactly YA (although APL has it shelved in the YA Graphic Novel section) but I loved this graphic memoir of Hurricane Katrina, the subsequent flood, and the after effects on the people of New Orleans that I'm going to risk putting it on my best-of-2010 list.  My favorite thing about A.D. After the Deluge is how perfectly the graphic format works to tell the story of 7 very diverse New Orleanians and their equally diverse experiences during and after Katrina.  As a traditional memoir this book would have been a 1,000 page epic, but instead I was able to read it on my metro commute one evening.

3) The Cardturner- Louis Schar
You have to admire an author with enough guts to write a book about an incredibly obscure and confusing card game just because he loves it so much.  It's even better that it works as a great story about unrequieted crushes, strained family relationships and ghosts. AND! and it's a pretty solid tutorial on Bridge if you're looking for one.  If not you can just skip those sections (I kinda did).

4) A Little Wanting Song- Cath Crowley
Cath Crowley paints a beautiful picture of Austraila in their summer (the story takes place around Christmastime) and overcoming the miscommunications and bumbling steps towards buidling friendships, families and new romances.  It's told in alternating chapters between two very different teenage girls-- one who wants to be a songwriter and one who wants to be a scientist.  While the voices start out very distinct, the writing reflects their growing friendship and shows the influence that each has on the other's world view as the story progresses.

5) Mockingjay- Suzanne Collins

Books that I wanted to like a lot more than I actually did:
The Mockingbirds- Daisy Whitney
DUFF- Kody Kepplinger

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kathryn said...

I felt the same way about The Mockingbirds and DUFF. The books I haven't read also look great. Thanks for the recommendations!