Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 in 2010: College Freshman and Former TAB'er Alison's Faves

Alison also went with us to ALA and now she is a fantastic college freshman, already done with her first semester. We are psyched that she stopped back by our blog to give us the run down of her faves from this past year. Thanks Alison!!

The 10 Books I Remember Reading This Year That I Really Liked

Here are ten books I read this year - half of them  new, half of them old.
The new ones are all new to me, and so are some of the old ones, but others are old favorites I reread for a bit of nostalgia. Looking at the list, three are dreamy, three are super-dreamy, two are somewhat, well, disturbing, and two are really disturbing. Here they are, in order from "aw that's sweet" to "ooh that's freaky."

The Arrival: by Shawn Tan
Everyone should read this
book! Though "read" isn't the best word, since this graphic novel has no words - it's a deceptively simple series of exquisitely detailed drawings that retell the immigrant experience to the US around the turn of the last century in a way that makes all of us fully appreciate how strange it was for those who came.

Blessing's Bead: by Debby Dahl Edwardson
A young girl is relocated to the Iñupiaq village of her grandmother, where she discovers an old family story, a promise
wrapped up in a cobalt-blue bead.

Fat Cat: by Robin Brande
Cat decides she's tired of being fat and turns herself into a science project to lose weight, win the science fair and get back at her old best friend-turned-enemy all at the same time.

The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn: by Dorothy Hoobler
Samurai, murder, 18th-century Japan, all in this little mystery (with sequels!) about a young boy who gets caught up in solving a case for a judge known as the Sherlock Holmes of old Japan.

The Foretelling: by Alice Hoffman
I couldn't put this one down - Alice Hoffman's signature style put to the myth of the Amazons (these ones are near the Black Sea in Eastern Europe) is simply beautiful. From page one Rain's story as unloved daughter, princess and sister just enchanted me.

Hawksong: by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
My favorite love story (one of the few books I've actually reread). In order to stop a millennia-long war between the avian and serpiente shapeshifters, hawk princess Danica has to make some hard choices - involving a rather unpleasant cobra prince.
Raven Summer: by David Almond
In northeast England, Liam finds an abandoned baby that leads him to new friends, old enemies and questions of childhood, innocence and evil.
All Unquiet Things: A cold-case murder mystery, as the cousin and ex-boyfriend of a girl found dead the year before do some illicit sleuthing together, uncovering webs of secrets and - yes! - solving the whodunit.
Last Night I Sang to the Monster: 18-year-old Zach finds himself at a program for people fighting their demons, with a past he cannot - and does not - want to remember. To find out why he's there he'll have to face his monster - and win.
Guardian: This novella is heavy but important reading about lynching, set in the stifling summer heat of the south two generations ago. Through the eyes of two impossible friends, a small town's secrets weave together into the tragic climax, questioning issues of duty, shame and burden.

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