Thursday, December 9, 2010

Read, Write, Share!

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Here's what I know, this is the season for sharing. So today we've got tools to help you share your writing with others and also read lots of others work and share your opinions about them:

Anytime anything having to do with young adult literature hits the news my friends and family send me emails about it. Yesterday morning I got a flurry of emails and it was about a really cool new site for young writers: is a brand new website for literary minded teens. You can write and share with other teens. On top of that you can read stories from other teens as well as from some pretty big name authors:
Blake Nelson is serializing the sequel to his novel Girl on Figment.
It also has book reviews , forums and contests. We are looking forward to seeing what else they have to show us!

If Figment sounds up your alley, you might also take a look over at Wattpad. Although they are not specifically for young adults, they do have a YA section that you can read and contribute to.

Finally, a treat just for the YA readers out there. A group of young adult authors got together and have put out The December Project just for you. It's a collection of short stories that you can read for free online, they'll be posting more all during the month of December. By the end of the month there will be stories from:
Pretty exciting stuff! We hope you enjoy these sites. Let us know if there are any other cool tools for YA readers and writers that we should know about!

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