Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Minute Reviews! Mostly Good Girls by Leila Sales

Mostly Good Girls by Lieila Sales

I want to give this book an award. It should have a big ol' gold sticker which declares, "This book sounds like smart and REAL teens." Yes, this is a mouth full, but for a book that relies heavily on the conversations between two characters this is what could have made or broken the book... and in this case, the dialogue totally wins and makes this book a stand-out.

Violet and her best friend Katie attend a private school outside of Boston. One where the girls are stressed to the nines with all their AP classes, extra credit classes and an over-active gossip mill to boot. Now in their junior year, Violet has big plans for her academic and social success.... but Katie seems less interested than normal.

This is a novel about friendships, really really bad poetry (Violet is the editor of the school's lit mag) and amazing projects. Katie and Violet are big on "projects" that they do together, ie: giving Harry Potter tours of their school to the freshmen because their school is a big old building which could maybe be kind of like Hogwarts.... obviously...

I've been trying to find a section of dialogue between Katie and Violet that I can share with you to give you a taste of their friendship without giving any of the story away. So, here they are, discussing a guy who Katie is interested in:
"He has some cute friends, too" Katie said, sounding more cheerful. "I met two of them last night. Maybbe you'll be into one of them."
"Oh my God," I said. "Can we double-date?"
Katie laughed. "No way."
"Can we have a double wedding?"
"Only if it's at Disney World."
"That's perfect, actually," I said. I always dreamed of a Disney wedding. How would Martin feel if all our groomsmen were dressed as Goofy?"
"I don't know know..." Katie mused.
"You don't know why he's not in college and you don't know his feelings on Disney weddings? What do you know about this guy?"
Again, this is just a sample of their witty banter. But it is really impressive that this is Ms. Sales first book and she captures the friendship of these two girls so perfectly. Violet is a smart, sharp narrator and this book is perfect if you need something to cut through all the sugar and icing of the holiday season.

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