Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days of YA Lit: The 2010 Edition (Part 2)

We're continuing down the biggest trends in YA lit in 2010 with our 12 days of 2010 meme. Here's part one, in case you missed it.

Eighth Day of Young Adult Lit:

Revolution, Scrawl, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth, Palace Beautiful,
The Secret Year, Lost for Words, The Fatboy Chronicles, The Carrie Diaries
Sometimes it's best to get the story straight from the characters' mouth. These books are either entirely written as diary entries or feature a character who gets their hands on someone else's pages. You always tell the truth to your journal and so whether it's the diary of a wimpy kid or a future TV superstar, you know it's going to have some deep dark secrets to spill.

Seventh Day of Young Adult Lit
Z, Rot & Ruin, The Dead Tossed Waves, I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It,
My So-Called Death, Undead Much, The Enemy

2010 might go down as the year of the undead. It seemed like the zombies were everywhere: mashing up with Jane Austen novels, taking over AMC, eating brains on the big screen and even in the university classroom. They were certainly present in YA lit as well. Whether you like your zombies as the main character, a threat in the background or a metaphor for society, we had zombie novels to keep you covered. Lots and lots of zombies. Watch out for your gray matter!

Sixth Day of Young Adult Lit
Claire de Lune, The Frenzy, Never Cry Werewolf, Raised by Wolves
Linger, Low Red Moon
Our next set of paranormals are a little warmer to the touch. These fiery characters are not to be messed with, especially if there's a full moon. If team Jacob fans are sick of his never-ending pining, there are many more lupines out there that they might take a liking to. There's romance, adventure and even mystery to be found among this years crop of wolfy tales (ha. excuse our terrible puns).

Fifth Day of Young Adult Lit
Friend is not a Verb; Guitar Boy; Freefall; Adios, Nirvana; Will
Not so paranormal, but still plenty mysterious. These are guy books where the main characters have music in their blood. They may not be able to share their feeling or anything girly like that, but they pour their hearts out through their fingers on strings just the same. Also, there might be the occasional visit from Eddie Vedder or the occassional mooning of the bus from the all-girl school. You never know. But one thing we do know, there were plenty of guys and guitars in 2010.

Stop by tomorrow for our third and final chapter of 12 Days of YA Lit

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