Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days of YA: The 2010 edition (part 1)

It's time once again for our round up of trends from this years crop of young adult fiction! Remember last year? Ready for 2010? Alright, lets get started (thanks again to this blogger for the idea)

Twelfth Day of Young Adult Lit:
The Other Side of Dark, Token of Darkness, Beautiful Dead: Arizona,
The Ghost & The Goth, Manifest, Unraveled, 7 Souls, The Haunted
The Body Finder, Picture the Dead, Shade, Possessing Jessie
This is the biggest trend that we saw, paranormal fiction where the characters can see those who have already crossed over. There were definitely more than just these twelve, but since we're playing the game- you get twelve.

Eleventh Day of Young Adult Lit:
Mockingjay, Matched, Carbon Diaries 2017, The Scorch Trials, Empty,
Spray, Epitaph Road, Grace, The Boy from Ilysies, Flight of Shadows,
The World We Live In.
Another huge trend: Books set in the future where things are not going well. Has earth run out of water? Do you have to fight and kill other teens until there's only one of you left? Has the moon left it's orbit? Does the government control every aspect of your life? Are all the boys dead? The characters in these books would answer yes to at least one of these questions and many more worse ones. If you like your futuristic fiction dark and pessimistic, this was the year for you.

Tenth Day of Young Adult Lit
The Half-Life of Planets, Dash & Lily's Book of Dares, Freak Magnet,
Crash Test Love, Caleb + Kate, Return to Paradise, Anxious Hearts,
Rich and Mad, Beatle Meets Destiny, Things I Know about Love

This is a category for the romantics. This was a big year for he said/she said novels.
This wasn't just an American trend, either. Beatle and Destiny hail from Australia, while Rich and Mad are from England. It's a trend that also hits close to home as the characters in Freak Magnet live and work right here in Arlington. With the he said/she said novels you get both sides of the story and twice as much intrigue and romance. Twice as nice. Clearly.

Ninth Day of Young Adult Lit
No Moon, Finding My Place, The Wild Man, City of Cannibals,
The Woods Runner, Bright Young Things, Chasing Orion, Once
Three Rivers Rising
This was also a big year for historical fiction. Authors took us on trips back in time to the French Revolution, Indiana in the 1950s, Europe in 1536 and more. If you like to step into a world of the past, there were plenty of doorways for you to go through. This is not the stuff of dry and boring history books either, these characters are dealing with real problems and their choices may change the course of history -- or at least the course of their lives!

Stop in tomorrow for the next part of our trip through the Twelve Days of Young Adult Literature!

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