Friday, November 5, 2010

Strong Girls make Great Main Characters

Oh Bella, stop it with the paranormals and spend a little time with your friends! Just try it ok?

There are a lot of titles filling up our shelves with girls who kind of let life and guys happen to them. We hate to lay the blame at the feet of any particular characters, (we're not judging, Bells, really), but enough with the love triangles! We're in the mood for something different. How about some books with girls who are making their own story? How about some titles where the girls aren't focusing on stealing boys from one another or making other girls feel awful. (As The Readergirlz say, down with girl on girl violence!) Here are a few books where the girls are definitely driving their own stories and they are doing it with the support of... other ladies.

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters by Natalie Standiford
The Sullivan sisters belong to one of the richest and most famous Baltimore families. They live in a house that looks like a castle and they are subject to their very own queen, the Sullivan grandmother, aka "Almighty." Someone in the family has done something to offend her and she has let them know that if the culprit doesn't confess in full, the entire clan will be out of her will.

It takes the family about two seconds to decide that the offending party is probably one of the sisters. What follows is their letters to the Almighty. One a tale of love, one of family secrets and one of murder. Norrie, Jane and Sassie are girls who don't mess around. If their grandmother wants the truth, she is going to get it unfiltered. If you want a sneak peek check out Jane's website: .

As a side note: Natalie Standiford is the bassist for YA super-band "Tiger Beat," look at her rocking out with Libba Bray (so awesome):

Not That Kind of Girl- Siobhan Vivian
Do you know Paris Geller from the Gilmore Girls? She is who I pictured when I read about Natalie Sterling, the main character of Not That Kind of Girl. Natalie is a senior with a spotless transcript, she's the president of the student body and she is the kind of girl who principals and teachers love.

But she also holds herself to such a high standard that she doesn't tolerate others who don't do the same. The only problem is, almost no one does. Not even her best friend, Autumn seems interested in consistently striving to be the best she can be. For Natalie the worst offenders are girls who, in her eyes, go out of their way to dumb themselves down so boys will like them better.

What's great about this book is that it could have been yet another Mean Girls style book, but instead you have a varied group of girls who are working to figure out that there's room in this world for more than just "that type" of girl...

For a list of other strong female characters in YA click here.

Which YA characters do you think would make good friends?

In other news: Holy crud, it's almost the end of the year! Amazon already has their best books of 2010 up! How many have you read?


Olivia said...

Nice post! And timely :)

nico said...

Thanks Olivia! Let's hope it'll start a trend-- we'd love to see More strong girls!