Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter Week Confession #2: Saying Goodbye to HP

Another confession from our visiting librarian Katie (writer of Tuesday's post):

Katie has the Harry Poster, but
Nico has the Ron Poster. Just FYI.
Harry Potter Week Confession #2

Confession: A part of me is dreading Friday, November 19.

Don’t get me wrong. Most of me is ridiculously excited. Let’s say about 94% excited. The previews look so, so good! And yes, I bought my tickets weeks ago. I even have Daniel Radcliffe hanging next to my computer, grinning at me as I type. But there is still that 6% of me that recognizes one of the things I love most about being a Harry Potter fan is that sense of anticipation--the horrible, painful, awesome waiting to see what is next. And this Friday marks the beginning of the end of all that.

I went to my first midnight book release party when Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out, which the Internets tell me was July 8, 2000. Wow. At the time, all the pre-release buzz was that a character was going to die. And so here we were, a gathering of strangers of all ages at Barnes and Noble, me still wearing my theatre usher work uniform, all milling about eating celebratory cake and counting down until midnight.

While we waited, I remember a boy dressed up like a golden snitch (or maybe he was a bludger and his sister was the snitch? It was 10 years ago)... Anyway, a boy dressed up like some element of the quidditch game announced that he thought it was Ron who was going to die. I turned on him with what I hope was my most authoritative face, but was probably something closer to horror, “Ron won’t die!”

Actual kid in a giant snitch costume
may vary.
And while I was confident that the snitch/bludger/quidditch ball of a boy was wrong, I plowed through the book in less than 24 hours just to be sure. And then I waited around for my friend to finish reading her copy so that we could discuss all that had happened. As time went on, and new books came out and that friend and I moved away from each other these discussions became long email chains, dissecting every last plot point and detail.

When I went to the midnight release party for Book 7, which featured live music and butterbeer and spanned an entire block of Silver Spring, I had to cope with the same excited tinged with sad feelings that I have been facing this week. And so to cheer up that tiny 6% of me that isn’t quite ready for the beginning of the end, I am trying to put together a new list of books to look forward to. Right now it’s a little sparse (although The Diviners by Libba Bray and Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore are very worth getting excited about), so I’m accepting suggestions:
What books should I add to my list? What are you looking forward to?

In the meantime, I plan on picking up The Lost Hero this weekend, because even if I have to start saying good-bye again to Harry and Co., at least I still have Percy Jackson and Camp Halfblood.

image of giant snitch girl from here

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