Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter: Important Dates in History

Harry Potter Cake! Woo HP + Cake!
To go along with Visiting Librarian Katie's post about saying goodbye to HP, we wanted to revisit that all important date in history: July 21, 2007. That's right, the date when the last volume of Harry Potter came out for the first time. The last time when any of us would read a Harry Potter novel (not a supplement) for the first time all at once. An epic day for sure.

 Many of our librarians were at their posts at midnight, having a big Harry Potter party! You can bet that they had been on the hold list for months, librarians love HP! Here you can see them with the clock almost striking 12! The moment of anticipation was building! Were you here with them?

So, where were you? Do you have any epic stories of waiting in line to get your hands on that shiny new orange volume? Did you attend a midnight release party? Were you the person dressed up like a giant snitch in Katie's post? We want to know!

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