Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teens Read Week Reposting: The Vinyl Princess

This post originally from February 19, 2010:

 The Vinyl Princess
by Yvonne Printz
There are lots of types of nerds out there. Gaming nerds, Computer nerds, Baseball nerds, but 16 year old Allie is the quintessential music nerd. She is a purist, no downloading for her, she wants the straight fix- vinyl. Crackley and poppy though it may be, she wants her music in its natural form. And man, does she have a lot of it. Everything from Old school Jazz masters like Coltrane, to the funk-a-licious Janis Joplin, all the way to upstart new comers like the Decemberists and Neko Case. She's gotten her collection by loyally combing the stacks at Bob and Bob records in her San Fransisco neighborhood for years. This summer she's working there, so nothing can separate her from her true love: the records.

Nothing that is, except for slow business at Bob and Bobs. It seems like everyone these days is walking around with an ipod attached to their head, but they aren't getting their tunes from Allie's store. Determined to spread the love of good music Allie starts up a blog: thevinylprincess.com and pretty soon she's getting hits from all corners of the globe. But when a crime wave hits the local neighborhood it may be more than B & B's can take.

The Vinyl Princess is a book for the hardcore music lover. The kind of music lover who loves nothing more than to compare notes with another music lover. (Allie calls it "Blah-blah-blah-fill-in-the-name-of-the-band.") But it's also a great book about friendship, family relations and doing the thing that you love. Even the most musically uninterested person will find themselves adding songs to their Itunes list when they finish this book.

To give you an idea of Allie's voice, here's a sample from her BLOG.
Van Morrison- Astral Weeks 1968
VanMorrison_AstralWeeksWhat happened? How'd it get to be Thursday? God, that is what day it is, right? I lost a couple of days to the Pogues. Once I got started with those knuckleheads I couldn't stop.
I've been wondering about Van Morrison. He recently revisited "Astral Weeks" at the Hollywood Bowl a full FORTY years after it was first recorded (I'll be reviewing that for caughtinthecarousel.com) and I was thinking about the original. Recorded in 1968 when Van was in his twenties, this album showcases all that he was and, for the most part, still is. His voice has clarity and unflinching direction and he's over-confident and richly gospelly/bluesy and you can lay back and listen to this record for as long as it takes to ge there. My top cut is The Way Young Lovers Do. It makes me miss the sixties even though I was far from being born. Next best is Madame George and then Cyprus Avenue. A lot of people like Moondance but I think that's because it's more tuneful, more of a sing-along in the car kind of record. Astral Weeks is like you get in the car but you gotta let Van drive, because he knows every curve in the road.

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