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Teens Read Week Reposting: Rock Band Reads

This post originally from December 2009
A couple of weeks ago we had a display of books whose authors had come up with soundtracks to go with them. Books and music make a great combination, like chocolate and peanut butter or movies and popcorn. There are a ton of YA titles that have music running through their pages. These are the type of books that are better with the stereo on, LOUD.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist:
Nick and Norah have never met before tonight, but they are making the most of their night in New York's club scene. Told in alternating chapters, this is the story of one night filled with loud music, encores and falling for a song...and maybe each other.

Heavy Metal and You
Sam had this idea that having a girlfriend meant your life was supposed to change, for the better. But how much change is too much? Is she worth compromising on the things he loves- his friends, his music, even his clothes?

Born To Rock
Leo had a plan. A plan that included chairing future meetings of the Harvard Young Republicans and dating sorority girls. It was not a plan that included acting as a roadie for his biological father who happens to be the most famous punk in the country.... but, plans change.

So Punk Rock (and Other Ways to Disappoint Your Mother)

Ari and his friends have somehow become the hottest band in their town. The only ones more floored by this news than Ari is his mother. Can the Tribe rise to new heights of rockstardom or will band infighting and a serious lack of practicing get in their way?

Debbie Harry Sings in French
Johnny has always been emo. A little guyliner plus a steady diet of The Cure, The Smiths and maybe a little Dashboard. But, when he discovers a Debbie Harry record he knows his life will never be the same.

This Lullabye
Remy does not think a musician is a person worth dating. And Remy is not interested in wasting her time on a relationship that isn't going anywhere. So she will not be dating rock musician Dexter, correct?

The Latent Powers of Dylan Fontaine
When your brother is a hard-core slacker in a band and your mother has run off with a much younger man it can be kind of hard to get your father's attention. Dylan doesn't mind that, but he does mind that not only is he being overlooked by his dad, but his best friend (who happens to be a girl that he is madly in love with) continues to make horrible choices in men, completely looking right through him. Dylan Fontaine is ready to be NOTICED.

Audrey, Wait
It's bad enough being in the middle of a break up. But, for Audrey things get soo much worse when her ex writes a song about her that becomes a hit. Now, not only can she not stop being reminded of him but People Magazine is calling and Audrey is about to have her 15 minutes of fame for something she'd rather forget.

Bonus: Here's a website that lists books, magazines and movies for music lovers.
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