Thursday, October 14, 2010

Next Week is Teens Read Week! What to Expect from Us!

October 17-23 is Teens Read Week! It is the week where we celebrate the importance of reading for pleasure and not just because it is assigned. Research shows that teens who read for fun have better test scores and are more likely to do well in their future jobs.* All of this is just to say that we'll have some exciting things going on here on the blog as well as in the library.

Library Events!

Central Library
Monday, October 18 3:30--5:00
Get ready to turn your amp up to 11. Celebrate Teen Read Week with Rock Band at the library. Challenge your friends and librarians to a rock-fest.

Westover Library
Wednesday, October 20---4:00-5:00pm:
Celebrate Teen Read Week’s theme “Books with Beat” with Dance Dance Revolution & informal book discussion.

Central Library

Books with Beat display! Come in and take a look at our display of books with great soundtracks, books that have musicians as main characters and books where the characters just LOVE music!


New posts!
Every day of the week a new post about an upcoming "book with beat" will go up at 8 am. Start your day with a book review and trailer.

Every day at noon a repost of some of our favorite music-filled books will go up on the blog. If you're new to the blog this will be the perfect way to catch up on some of our greatest hits.

Soundtrack Contest!
On the Facebook, we'll have a post asking you to name a song that you think best describes a book of your choice. Answer the question and you'll be entered to win a free book of your choosing.The contest will go up on Monday and the winner will be selected Friday afternoon at 3 p.m..

* from YALSA

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