Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Do You Keep Track of What You Want to Read?

So, I do have a Goodreads account and a Librarything account, both of which are great for tracking new titles by authors and making wishlists. But I realized today that the number one way I keep track of what I want to read next is the good old Post- It note.

What about you? Do you keep lists on your computer or scratched on scrap paper? Also, what is on your list? There's so many great new titles coming out, I'm sure that I'll have MANY more post-its before the year is done!


kathryn said...

I have so many book lists that I I need lists to keep track of them all. Mostly I have a sticky note on my Mac desktop where I track books, but I also put lists on goodreads and Amazon lists to remind me when new books are released.

Mairead B said...

I have a kindle, so I make wish lists on that. Then I either buy them or get them from the library :)

nico said...

Kathryn, The electronic sticky note! So Smart! That's the next step for me.

Mairead, how do you like your kindle? Do you find yourself more likely to read the books on your lists now?