Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Be a Library Insider: New Homework Help @ Your Library Portal!

Introducing our new HOMEWORK HELP website! Do you have an assignment where your teacher has asked you to use an "authoritative source?" Need to cite your sources? Wondering what the library has to offer you? We have an exciting new area for you to explore.

GO HERE to see our middle and high school homework help site!

Here you will find not only our library's premium resources (the stuff that we pay for so that you can learn more) but also websites that have been vetted by librarians. This means that they are from reliable sources that are worthy of your time.

Google may be an easy search, but hitting the library's resources before you hit the big G will save you time and give you access to information that you could not find otherwise.

Currently we have help for these subjects, but we're adding new stuff all the time:

For more information on what you can find on our new Library Research Portal, check out the blog post here.

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