Friday, September 24, 2010

Up and Coming: Jane by April Lindner

Jane by April Lindner
Release Date: October 11, 2010

Jane is a modern retelling of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. If you are not familiar with the original story it won't keep you from enjoying this big, cinematic romance. If you are familiar, chances are you will be curious how Ms. Lindner will add a 2010 twist to this classic story.

Jane Moore will not be returning to Sarah Lawrence, due to a sudden, drastic change in her financial situation. Instead, this year she has applied to be a nanny. Somehow her character traits (not being a gossip, listening mainly to classical music, not being interested in meeting celebrities) have gotten her matched with one of the world's biggest rockstars, Nico Rathburn. Jane is to become the nanny to his little girl, Maddy and live with her while he is away on tour.

As she is told by the nanny agency, this is a job many girls would kill for. She gets to live in a mansion and celebrities traipse in and out of the house all day. But as Jane continues to stay at the house, she feels that something is just not right; there's something mysterious going on that she can't put her finger on. But all the mystery doesn't stop her from starting to fall for her employer... but will the secrets of the mansion come back to wreck this chance for Jane's happiness?

One bonus feature of this book, (besides the fact that this librarian shares a name with the rockstar), is that the whole way through the story I kept thinking, this rock star seems a lot like a young Bruce Springsteen. I happen to be a BIG Springsteen fan, just so you know. There were little clues all the way through that kept reinforcing my belief. THEN in the acknowledgments in the back of the book, Ms. Lindner admits that she has been to see 21 Springsteen shows and without his inspiration there would be no Rathburn! So cool! Sure, you can picture whoever you want in the role of Mr. Rathburn, but if you want to see her inspiration rocking out, look here, here or here.

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dreaming_stars said...

I really loved this book!I never read the original but it might be a must after this.