Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Lit Spotlight: "Will" by Maria Boyd

Will by Maria Boyd has a pink cover, but guys, don't be scared off! If you liked Spud or Carter I think you might also be interested in Will's antics. Will is an upperclassmen at a boys' school in Australia. He and his friends are those trouble makers that everyone likes, able to skate from one clique to the next with no trouble. They love a good prank and Will just happens to be fantastic at thinking them up. He is unable to resist when a perfect opportunity arises: the local girls' school bus is traveling by the gates of his school and breaks down. What's a guy to do when there's a group of girls trapped on a bus, basically the greatest captive audience ever? Let's just say that those girls got an eyeful....

But, Will isn't as good at the whole leaving the scene of the crime before the principal gets there part of the prank. Now he's facing expulsion unless he agrees to some INCREDIBLE demands... mainly that he play guitar for the pit band in the dorkiest after school club of all: The musical...

The musical may be extreme punishment for Will, but his experiences with the band geeks and the drama nerds is the recipe for a perfect back to school comedy. Whether you prefer soccer to Soundheim or know all the words to "Moulin Rouge," Will by Maria Boyd is a totally funny fall read.

review and trailer by the librarian: blame her if you want to.

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