Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Lit Spotlight: Vintage Veronica

Vintage Veronica by Erica S. Perl

This is the book for the girl who doesn't fit in and doesn't need to. It's for the person who feels just too different to blend and (if he/she is honest) would really rather shine than fade into the crowd anyway.

Veronica is quirky, she's a bigger girl who dresses exclusively in clothes she sews using fabric from vintage pieces. She has the perfect job for scouting out new fashion finds, working in a multi-story vintage clothing store.

The girls who work at the counter downstairs are like sharks. Snapping at any chance for gossip. Veronica thinks it's safer to have them on her side, so she plays nicely with them, matching their snark and nasty remarks about regulars. But, when she starts to befriend a boy who is one of the checkout girls' constant targets, she becomes embroiled in some very complicated lies as she tries to be who everyone wants her to be.

Can Veronica find the courage to be just who she is?

This is a realistic read for older teens that stands out from the average high school, coming-into-your-own novel. Veronica is feisty and doesn't become suddenly thin and beautiful by the end of the novel, which is definitely refreshing! The characters are unique and the clothing store they work in makes you really want to head out thrift shopping.

Here is the official Trailer from Erica S. Perl

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