Monday, September 13, 2010

College Prep Basics: Get the Books to Take the Tests

Now that you're back in school, some of you are undoubtedly starting to prepare for the Pre-SATs, SATs, ACTs, ASVABS and SAT IIs. No matter what combination of letters you need to prep for, the library has got you covered.

Did you know we have an entire "College and Career" section upstairs. This section is full of new, updated titles to help you prepare for these specific tests. On top of that, you will also find books that teach test taking strategies and study skills, all helpful when trying to cram all that info into your head.

We also offer the "LearningExpress Library" which is a database that has free practice tests for all of these major types of tests. You can get to this resource by starting at our homepage:
  • Click on "Research a Topic"
  • Click on "Jobs and Learning"
  • Click on "LearningExpress Library" and create an account for yourself so you can save your practice test scores.
Here are some more titles to get you going on your journey to rocking the tests. Keep in mind, there's plenty more where these came from:

Up Your Score: The Underground Guide to the SAT
You've been hearing about the SAT since they day you entered high school. Guess what? It's time. So when you walk into that testing hall, will it be with a case of nerves--or attitude? A guerrilla guide written by six students who destroyed the SAT, Up Your Score combines the best math and verbal preparation with the strategies and tips you need to psyche out--and not be psyched out by--the Test.

How to Ace Any Test by Beverly Ann Chin
Master essential skills to ace even the toughest tests!
Do tests make you nervous? Don't worry--you're not alone. Imagine how you'll feel when you're ready to face any test confidently and fully prepared. This book will help you get there! How to Ace any Test shows you how to build efficient test-taking skills and score your best each and every time, whether it's a surprise quiz or a final exam.

A full life doesn't always leave room for extensive prep. That's why Kaplan designed an ACT guide for those who want a good ACT score but are short on time. "Kaplan ACT Strategies for Super Busy Students 2010 Edition " features a completely redesigned interior for easier and faster use, and includes proven time-management tips and the most important ACT review concepts.
Doing well on the ACT is more important than ever before. A great score can help students get crucial scholarships and financial aid packages, and gain an edge over the competition to get into a top college. Across the country, more and more students are taking the ACT exam and Kaplan is helping them score higher.

Cracking the ASVAB by Nicole Moss
Offering proven techniques from the test-prep experts at the Princeton Review, this guide includes two full-length practice tests, the latest information on all three versions of the ASVAB, detailed, comprehensive explanations for every question, and much more.

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