Friday, August 6, 2010

Up and Coming: You by Charles Benoit

This book isn't quite on the shelves, but I wanted to give YOU a heads up about it now. This is a book that grabs you by the collar and pulls you towards the end at Warp speed. You by Charles Benoit is a very dark work of noir that starts:

You're surprised at all the blood.
He looks over at you, eyes wide, mouth dropping open, his face as white as his shirt.
He's surprised, too.

From there you speed along with your main character Kyle, a tenth grader who keeps having life happen to him. His parents and teachers talk at him and his friends are just kind of there. Kyle is a man alone in a sea of people and his life seems to be taking him along without him making the choice to move. YOU will have no choice yourself but to keep reading this intense page turner.

YOU can get your hands on You by Charles Benoit on August 24.

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