Friday, August 13, 2010

The Ice Cream Party is Coming: Another Play in One Act.

Hey Edward, you're looking pretty pale... even for you.
Clever Jake, clever. If you must know I decided to up my cool factor and volunteer at the library this summer.
Oh yeah? Well, I've already finished my summer reading and snagged an awesome eco-journal. It's blue, to match my shades. And I did it all while catching some rays on the beach...
Jacob, some of us have been a little busy this summer. But I still have until August 23 to finish my summer reading. Thank you very much.

Everyone knows that Edward. That's because the ice cream party and grand prize drawing is on August 25th at Central Library from 7-8pm.  Did you think you were the only one who knew that??
Out of respect for Bella I will choose to ignore your tone... now move so I can put away the science fiction.
Dude, do you have the new "Hunger Games?!"
*sigh* It doesn't come out until August 24 and it's not even IN science fiction... go (far away) and put a hold on it

Thank you Nordstroms at Pentagon City for donating our paranormal friends!

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