Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday: What are your favorites in 2010, so far?

Maria's reads would be even better if read on the sand!

Today's edition of our look into librarian's favorites is brought to you by our Youth Services librarian, Maria. What's special about today is that she was on the Newbery Award selection committee last year, so this is a woman who you can be sure knows what she is talking about when it comes to literature! Here are her picks for her favorites so far, including some that aren't quite out yet, so you'll have to keep an eye out for them:

NUM8ERS by Rachel Ward
15 year-old Jem has a gift/curse? When she looks into someone's eyes she sees a number. That is the day that person will die. When waiting to ride the London Eye she notices that everyone has the same number. She and her friend Spider make a hasty departure just before the Eye blows up. Now they're on the run from the law. Gripping all the way to the last sentence of the novel. *Excellent in audio too.

YOU by Charles Benoit
15 year-old Kyle Chase is a more or less average teen in a less than average school. Then he befriends new-comer Zack McDade who changes his life forever. Gritty, gripping page turner.

WHEN I WAS JOE by Karen David
Joe [Ty] has a big identity problem. Having witnessed a crime and joined the witness protection program Joe [Ty]tries to figure out who he is. Another memorable and gripping teen novel.

Two teens on two different quests: 17 year-old Pancho is looking for the killer of his sister and DQ, who is dying of brain cancer, is looking for the meaning of life, however short his is. This is a journey we are glad we don't have to take but we are glad to read about.

Carly and Niely are more than friends. They attend a swanky private school. When Carly's mother dies Carly joins the wrong crowd and is eventually killed. Carly's cousin Audrey and Niely become allies and set out to find who killed Carly. A complex mystery with twists and turns.

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