Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Reading with Sand Between your Toes: Beach Reading!

The pools are open. The beach traffic has begun. It is time to slather on the sunscreen and let the chlorine mess with your hair color. Here are some reads that are just perfect to throw into your tote bag with your towels and sunglasses.

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
For Belly, the best time of year has always been the summer. She leaves her real life behind and heads off to her mother's best friend Susannah's beach house. Every year since she was little she spent the summer tagging along after her brother and Susannah's brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah. But this summer, everything is different. The safe world of Susannah's house has changed forever, in ways that Belly loves and ways that she wishes would never, ever have happened. The summer she turned pretty will be one that she never forgets.

Swoon at Your Own Risk by Sydney Salter
This is not the summer that Polly Martin was planning. At all. In the spring it had seemed like a brilliant idea to sign up to work at the Wild West themed water-park, because her then boyfriend, Sawyer Holmes,was working there. It would surely be a wet and wonderful time, and she'd be getting paid for it.

Instead, Sawyer turned out to be another in her growing list of exes. On top of that, her every move seems to be fodder for a local teen gossip blog as the blogger is one of her bathing-suit-wearing co-workers. Add on to that the fact that Polly's grandmother, the advice columnist "Miss Swoon" is staying with her family this summer, and you have a recipe for disaster. When her, suddenly very cute neighbor, Xander starts frequenting the park with his nieces, Polly's head is determined not to add one more problem to her summer or one more post to the gossip blog.... now her brain had better alert her heart...

Breathing by Cheryl Renée Herbsman
Savannah is a romance novel reader. She works hard at school, pushed by her mom to make the best of herself. Her mother's over-protectiveness comes from the fact that Savannah has serious asthma that often sends her to the hospital. But when she meets Jackson, it's not the asthma that takes her breath away. She locks eyes with him and jumps whole-heartedly into summer love. Will he be able to live up to Savannah's mother's expectations and rules, as well as his own family's? With all that pressure, how could this more than just a summer fling?

The Summer of Skinny Dipping by Amanda Howells
Mia and her family are staying with her cousins this summer on the Hamptons. In years past, Mia and her cousin Corinne ran around exploring the plant life and washed up treasures of the ocean. But, not this year. This year when Mia arrives, Corinne has grown super tight with her older sister and all the two of them are interested in is throwing parties and wearing designer sheaths. It seems like it might be a very long, lonely summer for Mia, until she meets Simon while wandering the beach one evening. Simon seems nice but Mia, ever the skeptic, is finding it really hard to be in the moment and start enjoying the summer. Can she stop waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Sea Change by Aimee Friedman
If you just had your heart broken, by your boyfriend AND your best friend, of course you'd be a little skiddish about romance. And, if you met a new boy who seemed to be interested in you, but won't give you his cell phone number or e-mail address, that would lead you to be even more nervous, right? Still, there's something about Leo that is making the very level-headed Miranda act against her better instincts. So, she's spending her time walking the beach with this boy who seems to have something that he just isn't telling her. Read Sea Change to find out Leo's other-worldly secret, and if science-minded Miranda can handle it...

Bonus Linkage:

The teen e-newsletter "I Heart Daily" has the scoop on the upcoming book "Rules to Rock By" by Josh Farrar and the soundtrack that goes with it. The artists on the soundtrack include several musicians under the age of 17. Check out the concept and a preview video of both the book and the band!

The ever fantastic Readergirlz are profiling John Green and Papertowns this month. You can listen to a playlist for Papertowns in their sidebar here. Lots of Mountain Goats!

Book descriptions by the librarian, you can blame her if you want to.

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