Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rabid Book Fans... Are you a Bookish Fangirl or Fanboy?

I read a great post in the Longstockings Blog (which you'll hear more about on Friday, when we post an author interview with Caroline Hickey, one of their fabulous YA author/ bloggers): 
Jenny Han, the writer of The Summer I Turned Pretty and It's Not Summer Without You recently spoke at Politics and Prose and encountered her very own bookfan. A girl in a handmade Team Jeremiah t-shirt. Which clearly showed her allegiance to one of the two dashing brothers who are featured in both books.  She loved the books and the characters in them so much that she wanted everyone to know whose side she was on. (We're solidly on Team Belly over here, by the way, she's a narrator you root for from page1!)

Are there books that you love enough that you'd wear a T-shirt with one of the characters on it? Do you want to declare your love for a series out loud, to anyone who will listen? Then you might be a bookfan! How great is it that YA gives us books that we this much? In this time of social media, bookfans can get together to shout out their book-love in groups!

Here are some groups of YA bookfans that you might have something in common with:

Harry Potter-I think these fans set the bar for YA fandom. There are wizard wrock bands with significant fan bases, for goodness sakes! If you are a HP nut, you'll find others like you at:
Leaky Cauldron

Twilight- These fans are blood thirsty and have been since before Robert Pattinson ever showed up on the screen. If you think the world might be divided into Team Jacob or Team Edward (or Team Bella... or Team Victoria, for that matter), these sites are probably just what you've been looking for.

NerdFighters- Oh John Green. Can we call him the Crown Prince of YA (CP for short)? His followers are so rabid they have their own gang sign and acronyms (DFTBA anyone?). John Green and his brother Hank post videos that talk to their fans. It's pretty cool that an author is so connected to his fan base. These fans even leave notes for other nerd fighters in John Green books!
If you are a nerdfighter, first you should know that
He'll be at Politics & Prose on Thursday, June 24th at 7:00 pm
(just thought you'd like to know).
And you can also find more nerdfighters at 

What books do you love enough to declare yourself a Fan of them?  Are there any sites we missed that are perfect for bookfans? 


Mairead B said...

I have shirts from HP related stuff already, and I love to wear them. I am also a rabid John Green fan and am going to P&P! Unfortunately, I don't think I can buy tickets for his talk the next day at the ALA conference :(

nico said...

Hey Mairead, I think his talk on Friday at ALA is just for librarians and part of a half-day long event- but I promise to take good notes!!

Hope the P & P signing is as awesome as I think it will be :) :)