Monday, June 14, 2010

Middle School Writer's Cafe!

Attention! Attention!

This is the last one before summer break. We are so happy it has been such a successful program!
To get in the mood, here are a few new inspirational books on writing.

Spilling Ink: A Young Writer's Handbook by Anne Mazer
LEARN HOW TO WRITE LIKE THE EXPERTS, FROM THE EXPERTS. Practical advice in a perfect package for young aspiring writers. After receiving letters from fans asking for writing advice, accomplished authors Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter joined together to create this guidebook for young writers. The authors mix inspirational anecdotes with practical guidance on how to find a voice, develop characters and plot,
make revisions, and overcome writer's block.

Seize the Story: A Handbook for Teens who Like to Write by Victoria Hanley
Supplemented by interviews with successful authors of teen literature--including T. A. Barron, Joan Bauer, Chris Crutcher, and Lauren Myracle, among others--this book presents all the elements of fiction, from creating believable dialogue to executing an exciting plot, through real story excerpts. Packed with tips, tricks, and writing exercises from an award-winning author of teen fiction, the guide encourages teen writers to write creatively and explore all the elements and responsibilities of fiction. With the book's goal of building competent, satisfied young authors, young people are emboldened to write the stories that are theirs alone to tell. 

 Funny Business: Conversations with Writers of Comedy
What makes funny FUNNY? This book features interviews with thirteen favorite children's authors -- and it asks them to share their trade secrets.
"A joke isn't a joke if you need to explain it," notes Leonard S. Marcus. "Even so, the hidden clockwork of comedy . . . has long been considered one of the great riddles of life." There are many kinds of humor, but capturing their essence on paper is a remarkably difficult (and often undervalued) skill. So how do authors create books that not only stand the tests of time but also make us laugh? In thirteen fascinating interviews, well-loved writers of humorous books for children discuss an array of topics, from their sources of inspiration to the ways they began writing, from their revision processes to childhood anecdotes to the value they place on comedy in their work and lives.

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