Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guess Who is Excited about Summer Reading?? A Play in One Act

Jacob: Hey Edward, are we going to spend all summer brooding about Bella?
Edward: I dunno man, that sounds pretty boring...

Jacob: Wait! Look at this display! It looks like there are a bunch of amazing things
going on at the Arlington Public Library this summer!
Edward: *sparkles*

Edward: I will grab this calendar to remind myself of all the fantastic programs.

Jacob:I hate that you thought of that first.
Well, I am going to register ONLINE for their summer reading program and get
myself a sweet Eco-journal and maybe win a $100 gift card.

Edward: Wow Man, that's killer.

Thank you Nordstrom's at Pentagon City for the donation of these two life-size figures.


Gwendolyn said...

Nico, you are the coolest!

I see a whole series starring these two at the library...

Anonymous said...

Wow, how brilliant! Nico, you're amazing! I can't wait to sign up for Get Caught Reading!

Anonymous said...

I love the brilliant dialogue!