Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yes! We met Sarah Lewis Holmes!

A big thank you to Sarah Lewis Holmes for coming out to speak to our writer's group last week! She gave advice to several aspiring young authors. We thank her for sharing about her writing process and passing on a little inspiration our way!
Girls+ Author+ Little Green Army Men. (To find out more about the plastic green guys, read the book and check out Sarah's website here).

Thanks again to Sarah for a wonderful talk!
Check out her books, Operation Yes and Letters from Rapunzel to see how she puts her inspiration to work!

If you have secret (or not so secret) ambitions to become a writer, Check out the Calendar to find out when the writer's group meets!


Kathy Erskine said...

Did she do pushups? I know she can -- I'm sure it was great with or without the pushups!

nico said...

She absolutely did, our paparazzi just wasn't quick enough to snap a photo! She was awesome (and those push-ups were impressive)!