Monday, May 10, 2010

Web Bitz and Pieces: Sunny Day Mix

The weather is nice and the internet is buzzing. Here are some links to recently posted interesting things:

This is an amazing list of 50 Blogs for Teen Readers:

via ReaderGirlz

The Pop Culture Junkie is the absolute queen of Cover Twins, check out her 100th spotting here:

Remember, back in elementary school, those dress as your favorite book character days? This is the best one I've seen.... Basically ever.

Do you like to play Frisbee? Do you like to play Frisbee in Polyester Bell Bottoms and Bare feet? No? This guy featured in an  "Awful Library Book" does:

To finish out this post, here's a video for Grads of 2010, in the spirit of "Wear Sunscreen" (which, maybe you don't remember) by this guy. Congrats seniors! Hopefully this mix of links takes your mind off of finals and AP exams for a few minutes!

via 4ya

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