Friday, May 14, 2010

Meet the Shirlington Library's New Teen Space!

If you've been over to the Shirlington branch of the library lately you might have noticed some big changes. Not to the adult collection or to the picture books, but to the TEEN section! The staff there have worked to bring you a space to do homework, read and socialize without being bothered by tiny kids or adults. We think they've done a pretty awesome job!

One of the new features is a message table. Questions are asked on the table and can be answered by teens. Last week they asked "what do you think of the new teen space?" and got some pretty happy answers:

"I think it's totally awesome"
Yo, It Rocks!
They are looking for a name for this table, so far suggestions have included "The Doodle Zone" or "the Graffiti Table," got a better suggestion? Leave it in the comments!

Have you visited the new teen space? Any ideas or comments? Let us know!

And now, more pictures of the new and improved Shirlington Teen Space!

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