Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be a Library Insider: Our Catalog is Now Supersized!

As a youth services librarian, I get a lot of questions from younger kids about what to read next. They've finished something they love and want something in the same style. I get a few questions from teens, but definitely not as many.

Is this because you don't need this information, or because you don't always feel like coming over to the help desk to ask for book ideas?

If it's the second option, there are a couple of new developments at the library that are being rolled out to help you. The first one is the addition of new content from Novelist to the Classic Catalog...

It works like this...

Say you just finished reading Bull Rider  by Suzanne Williams; you really liked it and want to find another book like it. With this new service you can type Bull Rider into the Classic Catalog...
The one that looks like this
And it will spit out ideas that are similar to your title, based on all the categories Novelist believes your title falls into:

We are also working on a home grown site that will feature book lists on all sorts of subjects, so watch this spot for that!

Let us know what you think of this new feature. Is it easy to use? Do the recommendations make sense? Has it given you any great ideas for what to read next?

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