Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cheap Seats and Great Plays for Students

There are a lot of things about being a student that are kind of a drag (homework, being inside all day, fruit cups) but one really great thing about being a student is the STUDENT DISCOUNT!

The D.C. and Arlington Area has so many amazing theater companies! Many of them have ticket prices that can be kind of hard to afford on an after-school job's salary so these discounts are a great thing to look into!

Here are a just a few of the theaters that offer price breaks for the young/in school:

Arena Stage: $10 tickets for those who are under 30. Call on Monday and you can reserve tickets for the rest of the week (until these special tickets run out). Or, if you miss the Monday deadline, student tickets are always 35% off. More info on both programs here.

The Shakespeare Theater: Offers $10 tickets for "young theatergoers" or, those under 35 in a similar manner as Arena, but they go on sale on Tuesday, more info here. And they also have a student discount policy which offers lots of chances for half price tickets during previews and even later in the run, more on that here.

The Woolly Mammoth Theater: Offers $15 tickets for those under 25 to any performance. But, you should call ahead to reserve. They also offer "pay-what-you-can" performances for their first two shows of a run, find out more about both of these programs here.

The National Theater
: Has a 1/2 price ticket for full-time students. Here's their page about it.

Signature Theater
: If you really love theater and want to spread the word about great productions, you could become a student ambassador for the Signature Theater.

Other great programs to be aware of if you are a theater lover:

The League of Washington Theaters
: If you subscribe to their mailing list, every month they will let you know what plays are taking place in the metro area and also what deals are available on tickets. They also let you know about special events and free stuff.

Free Night of Theater: In October, theaters across the country participate in a program where they offer free seats to their shows to promote theater going. It is pretty much the coolest thing ever, if you are interested pay close attention to the date that the tickets will be made available-- those things are gone FAST, so you will definitely want to be sitting right by your computer!

Culture Capital: Like New York's TKTS, Culture Capital has last minute seats to plays at half-price.

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