Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cover Trend Plus Book Hooks

Last week we did a quick report on cover trends. Here are two books which both feature a big smiley face... that's a little twisted. Not only are these a pair of cover siblings, their content would make an excellent double feature.

Smile by Raina Telgemeier

Raina knew that she was going to have to get braces. That was trauma enough. But, on her way out of girl scouts, at the very end of sixth grade, she fell on the curb and knocked out her front teeth. Now she's facing starting junior high with braces, two false front teeth and some serious dental surgery awaiting her. As if starting seventh grade wasn't nerve wracking enough!

This auto-biography is told in graphic novel format and is a hilarious coming of age story for anyone, even if you never had to deal with your own little dental drama.

Happyface by Stephen Edmund
At his old school, "Happyface" never really fit in and his only friend was a girl that he wished would see him as something more. He mostly drew in his journal and dealt with his crazy parents who were always on the verge of tearing off each other's heads while his brother was off at college.
But now, everything is different. He's starting a brand new school where no one knows a thing about him and he is determined to be the kind of smiley, no-problem guy that girls like and guys want to be friends with.
Mr. Happyface, that's him. You might call that not being true to himself, he prefers to think of it as reinvention.

Told with many of Happyface's drawings and journal entries, the narrator grips you right away with the story of one high schooler's quest to change everything about himself and the consequences that inevitably follow.
More info on Happyface here

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