Saturday, February 20, 2010

Web Bitz and Pieces

Cool things from all corners of the internets that you might be interested in:

First off, NBA Athletes are "kicking it old school." They're bringing novels with them instead of ipods and dvds. Some of these guys even have a book club. I admit, they area LOT TALLER than who I normally picture when I hear the words "book club member" Check out the full story here.

Next up, have you ever been walking down the stacks of the library and had a sense of deja vous? Maybe what you're feeling is that you've seen the person on the front of that cover before... Well, maybe you have! This article looks at one such set of book twins, and you can find more info here as well.

Are you watching the Olympics? Did you know that this is the first Olympics where the Athletes have the option to "tweet" their experiences? NBC is tracking over 80 athletes here.

Finally, teenagers arrived in droves to this Bristol, England mall.... with light sabers. I don't think I would want this to happen in our YS room, but it's pretty neat to check out.

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