Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wii Gaming at Westover

Bust out of your winter cabin fever with an afternoon of Wii gaming at Westover. Come on over and Get Your Game On, Thursday January 21, from 2:30-4:30.

If you wish your life was more like a game, here are some books to check out:

Z Rex
by Steve Cole
Cole has created an absurdly gripping and kid-friendly thriller that is sure to capture imaginations. If "Jurassic Park" were to meet Alex Rider, the result might well be this irresistible new series.

In pursuit of the evil Saint Dane, Bobby Pendragon arrives in the Veelox territory, where the inhabitants have discovered a way to live in a dream realm. Can Bobby resist the lure of the ultimate escape?

The Heir Apparent
by Vivian Van De Velde
In the virtual reality game "Heir Apparent," there are too many ways to get killed--and Giannine is finding them all. Unless she can get the magic ring, locate the stolen treasure, and defeat the dragon, she'll never win. And she has to, because losing means she'll die--for real.

Annotations from Book Letters
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