Friday, January 22, 2010

What's the Buzz? (And How to Find It)

Every time you come in to any of the branches of the library, you'll see new books lining the display shelves. These books may be ones that you've been waiting for or they may be totally new to you. It is because of our awesome collection development team that those books make their way to the shelves.

How do they know what to buy? How do they stay on top of what's the latest and the greatest in YA lit? How do they make sure that teens cravings for certain kinds of lit (be it supernatural, romance, street lit or humor) are met?

First they read professional journals like "School Library Journal," although you might not care about most of the stuff in these (unless you secretly want to be a librarian), you can get some really great reviews for free on their website: click here to check it out.

They keep track of release dates of new material with sites that collect this material far into the future. Like this one. If you're wondering what's coming out in July of 2010, this is the place to find out.

Also, the world of blogs has provided a good way to find out about books with buzz. Here are some great YA blogs that have their finger on what's going to be big.

The Ya Ya Yas

Reading Rants


If you want to expand your world of YA Lit and find out about what's going to be coming out and what you might want to place a hold on, these resources will get you started. And then, you could always ask a librarian for more ideas!

Let us know what you're reading, we are always looking for new teen reviews!

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Mairead said...

I'm only reading Great Expectations (for school), and The Taker by J.M. Steele.

Those websites will really come in handy for finding new and interesting material!