Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The countdown begins

To the premiere of New Moon that is. In honor of the movie's premiere next week, here's what the movie might have looked like if it had been about a different gothic character. One who doesn't exactly sparkle...

But, if vampires are your thing be sure to check out our selection of other series with bite:

Vamped- by Lucienne Diver - "When Gina awakens in a grave and discovers she's a vampire—her senior prom didn't end well—one of her first concerns is facing an all-liquid diet, a life without tanning options. She continues to focus on fashion (and to deliver feisty insults) even as she finds herself embroiled in (and eventually leading) a vampire war, which involves a mysterious prophecy—and many of her former classmates." -- P.W.

Vampire Academy- by Richelle Mead - "After two years on the run, best friends Rose, half-human/half-vampire, and Lissa, a mortal vampire princess, are caught and returned to St. Vladimir's Academy. Up until then, Rose had kept Lissa safe from her enemies; school, however, brings both girls more trouble than they had expected..." -- Booklist

Blue Bloods- Melissa de La Cruz - "When 15-year-olds Schuyler and Bliss find out that they are vampires, as are many of the city's elite, they learn what's behind some of their weird symptoms (such as Schuyler's blue veins, which form "an intricate pattern, visible under the skin's surface," or Bliss's cravings for raw meat), and that "nothing could kill vampires." But something is hunting them, even killing some, and Schuyler grows more determined to stop it, even as the Conclave, the vampire leaders, attempts to cover it up." -- P.W.

Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber - Vampire-loving Raven is a misfit in the town she calls "Dullsville." Her black lipstick, combat boots, and sneering dislike of her classmates leave her nearly friendless. Dullsville has only one exciting feature: the Mansion, abandoned years before. Now the owners have returned, and Raven has never been more excited, as they bring a gorgeous Romanian teenage son in tow.

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