Friday, October 9, 2009

Babe Ruthless elbows her way on screen!

Babe Ruthless is the rock-star rookie of the "Hurl Scout" derby girl team. Babe Ruthless can jump over the rail on her skates and keep on going. Babe Ruthless gets standing ovations every night from the meanest crowd in Texas, has blue hair and is dating the smoking hot bassist for the Stats.

On the other hand, Bliss Cavendar is a part time employee of the Oink Joint in Bodeen, Texas. Her main hobby is avoiding her mother's misguided attempts to submit her for various local beauty contests and the last time she wore a pair of skates they had barbies on them.

So how does a mostly invisible barbecue pit waitress become a poster girl for hip checking? And what will her beauty queen mother do when she finds out that her daughter is way more talented at throwing an elbow than strutting around in heels?

Find out in
Derby Girl by Shauna Cross. Or check out the big screen version: Whip It opening Friday, October 2.

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