Friday, October 3, 2008

Go! Comi Vampire Blogfic

Interesting project from Go! Comi (thanks Michelle) ...

Golden Vampires Take a "Bite" Out of Blogging The teen-oriented manga and graphic novel publisher Go! Comi has launched its first "blogfic" novel – a serialized story released in real time to vampire lovers everywhere. The fictional blog, which is updated regularly at, blurs the lines between reality and fantasy by presenting an epic urban fantasy in the form of a blog written by two teenage girls who are being plunged into a dark, decadent underworld run by a mysterious blood-sucking clan known as the "Golden Vampires." Blog entries for are posted within a realistic timeframe, around the lives and schedules of the two lead characters, further blurring the lines of reality. Comments left by additional characters also form part of the story. Furthermore, readers are encouraged to post their own comments, and the main characters often respond directly to reader comments left on their posts. The readers’ comments are expected to influence the direction the story takes.

We have two series at the Arlington Public Library from Go! Comi (After School Nightmare and Train + Train) and one book (Japan Ai). Golden Vampires sounds like a pretty cool story.

Speaking of writers, anyone out there into creative writing?

We're starting a writer's group through the library called Teens Write!. Come for the first meeting on Tuesday October 14th @ the Cherrydale Branch Library. Details to follow.

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