Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What We're Reading: Unwind

I started Unwind by Neil Shusterman last night and couldn't put it down!!

(I even stayed up way later than I should have and I'm pretty tired today. But that won't stop me from attending the craft program here at Central!!)
It's a futuristic story centered around 3 teens running from the government and from their parents in an effort to save their lives. In the future parents have the option of "unwinding" their teenagers -- pretty much exterminating them and using their entire body as an organ donor for hundreds of other people.
But what happens when some kids don't want to be unwound? What if the pieces of teens that are implanted into other bodies somehow have a life of their own?

It's a page-turner and a really interesting study in what it means to have a life, when does life begins, and when does it end. Read it and let me know what you think!

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pat said...

I loved this book, too, and found myself reading it when I should have been doing other stuff :>)
(always a sign of a really good book)
I know it's science fiction, but the way it was set in the not-so-distant future made it feel more contemporary, which made it even weirder and scarier. Pair this with Being by Kevin Brooks or Sara's Face by Melvin Burgess (though both of those are higher on the "creepiness factor")for a interesting take on identity.